Setting up ePlans ProjectDox Community Development
Can I burn my trash or yard waste in Winter Springs? Fire Department
Do I need a building permit for a fence around my house? Community Development
What are water and sewer fees? Finance
What is the garbage service charge for? Finance
How can I get a new recycle bin? Finance
What is the insurance rating in Winter Springs? Fire Department
Where do you advertise job vacancies? ALL ITEMS
What is Document Search? Computer Services
When is garbage and recycling picked up? Public Works
When may I water my lawn? ALL ITEMS
Parking Ticket Questions Police Department
What are the rules and guidelines for garage or yard sales? Community Development
What are the designated Hurricane or Evacuation Shelters in Winter Springs? Fire Department
When do I need a building permit? Community Development
Can you mail the City Newsletter to me if I no longer live in Winter Springs? ALL ITEMS
How can I make sure that my car seat is properly installed? Fire Department
Do you offer these computer services to the residents of Winter Springs? Computer Services
Can I address the City Commission at any of these meetings? City Clerks Department
When are City Commission meetings held? Can anyone attend? City Clerks Department
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