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Public Works/Trash/Recycling Collection

I am having carpet replaced; can I just put the old carpeting out at the curb with my normal garbage?

Under the City's refuse disposal contract with Allied Waste, carpeting is included in the provision for remodeling/construction material and is limited to two "units" per week without additional fees. A "unit" is an item like a door, counter top, or container of dry wall or lumber up to 60 pounds. In the case of carpeting a "unit" is a roll 4' long by 2' in diameter. So, you can put out two rolls of carpeting per week for collection free. If additional carpeting is put out there will be a fee for collection. The hauler will leave a tag on the pile indicating the charges and will pick up the pile once the fee has been paid. You can call Allied at 723-2800 and they can estimate the fee in advance if you provide the room size of the carpeting. That way the carpeting does not need to sit in front of your home waiting to be collected.

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