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Can I have a fire in my backyard?

Can I have a fire in my backyard?

Recreational fires are permitted without the permission of the EPA when the fire is for cooking food. Additionally, you may have a fire without the permission of the EPA if you are using it for heating tar, welding, acetylene torches, highway safety flares, heating for warmth of outdoor workers, smudge pots, and similar occupational needs. If you would like to have a cooking fire you must first notify the Fire Department, ensure that the fire is and will stay 50 feet away from any structure or vehicle or is in an approved container that is 15 feet away from any structure, that only dry wood or charcoal is used for fuel, that the fire is constantly attended until fire is extinguished, and that the fire is no bigger than three feet by three feet. Open burning with prior notification to the EPA (1-800-282-9378) is also permitted for ceremonial purposes, prevention and control of disease or pest, or for recognized range or wildlife management. No person shall burn any refuse, rubbish, waste, or other material within the City of Kent.




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